3-11-15 Thoughts

March 11, 2015

“Ability will never catch up with the demand for it”

This is a very interesting and enlightening quote of Confucius. There are a couple things that come to mind when I hear this. Firstly, contemptment is coming to mind. Now, this is one of those words that people have varied opinions on. Someone once told me, “a little discontemptment is not bad, it is a driving force to make us want to be better people”. I agree with this but, I don’t think it is so much discontemptment that drives us to be better people, but there has to come a point in life that we want to become better people simply for the sake of becoming a better person. Aristotle mentions this, along with other people, that something done that would be considered virtuous means nothing basically if the motive behind it is not right. I want to become a better person because a better person I want for myself,, not because of ‘fear of punishment or hope for reward”, as Einstein says. I don’t want to say this concept is lost in todays society, but it does seem that it is not praised, at least publicly. Are we not hearing about the character of people or the qualities they have because it is inferred that people should have these, or is it that the “virtues” are not valued in themselves as before? Another thing that comes to mind when looking at the above reading is that there is always room for improvement. Life as I am coming to know is a process of growth just as any other living thing goes through. I believe a lot of my troubles are caused by weak roots. Now, my parents, bless their hearts, tried their best with me, and they themselves are some of the best role models I know, but for some reason, which I have not determined yet, these qualities they tried to teach me just did not stick at a young age, and truly I have not really started to appreciate their importance and value until the last few years. When I look at my life it is still amazing to me how far of the path I had strayed. What went wrong? Did something go wrong? Or was it meant for me to go through the things I went through so I can gain a better understanding and be able to use these experiences to affect change or to inspire. We as humankind are always trying to become better, gain a greater ability. I think it is natures demand that we continue to grow. We were built to adapt, change, creat, think, etc, things that other levels of existence just do not do. In my reading lately I am starting to get the sense of how vast the wealth of knowledge is. It funny though, because the more I seek knowledge, the more apparent it is that I do not know very much. Sometimes it is disheartening that I look at the years behind me and I did not put forth effort as I am today. The question is again, was I meant to go through these things to gain a greater appreciation today? One day maybe I’ll know and maybe I won’t, but either way, I am not going to stop looking.


March 10th Contemplations

March 10 2015

“A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions”

I think recently I have come to a better understanding of what the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says on pg 62, “most good ideas are simple, and this concept was the keystone of the new and triumphant arch through which we passed to freedom”. This quote above I have heard said in so many different ways, by different people, who have different beliefs, grew up in different cultures, born into a wide range of social classes, and the list goes on and on, but no matter the personal interpretation or spin put on it, the basic, “simple” idea is the same that actions mean more than words. I know I am not delving deeply into the quote itself, but that is not the idea of this. The idea is to get a starting point and then let the mind wonder, openly, spaceless, timeless, and allow it to connect whatever dots it feels like connecting. This is not the first time I have done this, but this is the beginning of a collaboration I am putting together. Here I go even further off topic, but again, I allow my mind to go wherever it goes. Everytime I start something like this I always write it as if I am writing knowing that someday someone will read this. I am not simply doing this to benefit myself, but I write these in hopes that one day they will benefit many. I have been giving a chance at life that many people have not been. WHY? Well I don’t so much know the answer to that in detail, but broadly I am getting a good idea. The odd thing is that the world of today is not really giving me the answers I am looking for, but it is very old books and texts that I find intriguing. Yesterday I read the Doctrine of the Mean by Confucius, and it was very inspiring, and for at least the next month I plan on reading many more of his writings. Back to these simple ideas, why then do we make them so different? Is it our interpretations? Is it our personal perspectives? When is the last time we examined these personal beliefs to see if we still see them the same? Learning, adapting, moving from one place to another never stops!!! Is it some need for our belief to be superior? Are our insecurities driving us to gain acceptance through others? Why can’t I just take the simple concepts of a good life, described by another person that lived well, and in actuality of a person I aspire to have the same characteristics, and just practice them as the did? Why do I want to be a certain way, but refuse to follow the path and want to make my own path? It makes no sense, because the making of a new path comes with much struggle. Following a path already beat down is a path of lesser resistance. Many people may say, “without struggle or hardships then the thing gained has no value”. As I sit and ponder this, it seems that following the path already laid before us seems more difficult to follow. Yes, it may already be nicely cut and prepared to walk, but, especially in our society today, conformity is not looked upon as a good thing. To stand out and make ones’ own way is cherished, almost worshipped. I read the other day two different perspectives on this, and they mostly differ from Eastern and Western philosophy. Western philosophy speaks of conformity and Eastern philosophy speaks of harmonizing. So, which is better? Is there a better? Do we even choose the path we walk, or is it determined by where, how, etc…we live (some psychologists would argue for this environmental determination)? Can we choose our own path? Can we know that it is ourselves choosing? Or is it determined by so many factors we are unable to comprehend it? And could all these factors make up the complexity of human beings, which looks like to be the greatest marvel of humankind, that it seems not one of us is exactly the same as another. But at our core, are we not the same? So, maybe, at our core we as human beings are the same, but all these factors of life now make us seem so uniquely different from one another. The questions of life, how amazing and thought provoking they are.

The Power of Believing!!!

Hey everyone, my name is Samuel, and obviously this is my first post. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from all of you. Today I just want to talk about how the “power of believing” has played a huge role in my recovery.

There came a time in my recovery when it was time to start doubting myself, and start to actually believe that I could do this. That will some action, I could change the way I was living.

This last month, I have been contemplating on which career path I was to pursue. I was battling between the cooperate/business world and psychology. I have recently made that decision to “commit”, a word we are very unfamiliar with before recovery, to the path of psychology. And it’s actually a lot more than just psychology, I truly believe if we come together in the fight against addiction, we can make some great changes that will contribute to seeing people who are struggling with addiction rise above it and become contributing members of society. I am tired of reading so many things about which approach is right, and listening to people who think they are right condemn people with opposing opinions. The truth is…..NEITHER are working very well in the present moment. There are so many aspects to this disease, that we need to come together and find solutions to our problems instead of fighting to prove that our way is right. Addiction is subject to the individual and his/her experiences. There is not a blueprint to “how this works”. If there was a sufficient enough one then the rates of recovery would not be so damn low. I believe that this can change in the future, and it is my goal in life to work towards this. I need as much help as I can get, so I am starting today. Please join me!!! There are way to many people dying from this disease daily. Let’s quit complaining about how big the problem is and start seeking solutions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you all. Have a wonderful day!!!

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